Experiencing diversity

Of all pupils attending school in Vienna, about half use more than one language in their everyday life  however, this fact is seldom paid attention to. In order to change that, the project "Experiencing diversity" aimed at linking linguistic diversity and a day at a stream in the Vienna Woods to experience nature. 

During the day spent at the stream, the pupils of a primary school class in Vienna explored the diversity of the environment and the linguistic diversity in their class, supported by a linguist and an environmental educator. In preparation, the children had been made aware of their own multilingualism by creating a "language portrait" of their languages. They had also learned important vocabulary for the excursion in different languages which was repeated while playing and exploring during the excursion. The environment served as background for learning about the different languages used in the children's everyday lives. The project aimed at making the children aware of the importance of linguistic and cultural as well as natural diversity and at promoting respectful encounters without prejudice of children with different linguistic backgrounds. At the same time, it enabled the children whose mother tongue is not German to experience nature in their environment, paying special consideration to their cultural and linguistic background.