Comprehend, Experience, Protect

Nature experience is especially important in and around water bodies. Particularly in sensitive areas such as aquatic habitats, which are especially attractive to us, we need to considerately treat the environment.

The aim of the project Water:Trails is to draw public attention to the exceptionality of both bodies of water and habitats close to water as well as to their flora and fauna. Additionally, the project aims to encourage responsible leisure-time pursuits in these habitats. The project was launched in 2011 as Austrian pilote project by Naturefriends International, Naturefriends Austria and the Austrian Federal Forests. In the meantime, it has evolved into an international Naturefriends campaign.


Naturefriends and Federal Forests as partners for a sustainable recreational use
Fostering sustainable recreational use has always been at the heart of Naturefriends activities. It is necessary to convey the characteristics of the environment as a prerequisite for protecting it.


The Austrian Federal Forests, the biggest manager of Austrian natural areas and lakes, is especially responsible for the bodies of water and water-related habitats in the Alps. Its core tasks and competences encompass the preservation, sustainable use and organisation of natural areas.